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best life 2012
Felco 5-3/4 in. Rotating Handle
We've got product detail Silky Super-Accel 21 8 in. Folding Saw-119-21 Review Silky 119-21 Lightweight folding saw with 8-1/3 in. blade specifically designed for aggressive cutting needs. Utilizes proprietary Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) Technology - The Teeth of the Future. The precision-ground, razor sharp blade has four cutting angles along the length of the blade and provide fast, clean and smooth cutting action. Blade easily and securely locks into two different angle positions for easy cutting. Use the first position for most cutting jobs. On occasion, the second flush cutting position proves invaluable in confined or unusual situations. Comfortable, rubberized aluminum, pistol-grip handle is easy to grasp especially on the pull-stroke when a greater cutting force is needed. Rated as one of the finest folding hand saws available on the market today, the Super-Accel has consistently been a popular choice of arborists and gardeners worldwide. Exceptional design, strength, balance and superior finish quality. Suitable for all pruning tasks and outdoor activities. Comes in a blister pack. 8-1/3 in. (210 mm) blade length 6.5 teeth per inch (7.5 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration 0.45 lbs. (200 g) weight Comes in a blister pack Product applications include pruning and trimming, hiking, camping, and hunting
Silky Super-Accel 21 8 in.
Worth Garden 13 in. Blade
Silky Katanaboy 20 in. Folding
Corona Long Curved Blade Snip-AG
Silky Ibuki 15 in. Hand
Scotts AirShoc Titanium Non-Stick Large
Silky Ultra Accel 9.5 in.
Fiskars 6.75 in. Titanium Anvil
Silky Zubat 13 in. Aluminum
Worth Garden 10 in. Wave
Worth Garden 6 in. Blade
Fiskars Quantum 1 in. Bypass
Joseph Bentley 8 in. Antique
Corona ComfortGEL+ Extendable Hedge Shear-HS
Corona Razor 8 in. Tooth
Professional Elite Bypass Pruning Shear-11108
Miracle-Gro 7.5 in. Enviro-Line Floral
Silky Bigboy 15 in. Folding
Silky Bigboy 14 in. Large
Silky Gomboy 8 in. Folding
Worth Garden 9 in. Teeth
Silky Natanoko 13 in. Hand
Silky Pocketboy 7 in. Fine
Silky Caseboy 13 in. Folding
Corona Classic Cut Bypass Pruner-BP
Worth Garden 13.5 in. Blade
Silky Sugoi 14 in. Hand
Miracle-Gro 8 in. Enviro-Line Titanium
Jameson Landscaper Pruner and Pole
Melnor Telescoping Bypass Lopper-83770
Miracle-Gro 2.5 in. Enviro-Line Titanium
Silky Gomatoro 9.5 in. Root
StrataShear Corona Professional 24 in.
Miracle-Gro 6 in. Enviro-Line Titanium
Silky Ibuki 390 mm 15
Silky Gomboy 8 in. Folding
Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Tree
Silky Gomboy 9.5 in. Folding
Joseph Bentley Gold Cut 3.35
Corona ComfortGEL+ Hedge Shear-HS 4244
Worth Garden 4 in. Blade
Melnor Pro Forged Bypass Pruner-83280
Worth Garden 8 in. Wave
Silky Pocketboy 5 in. Extra
Jameson Heavy Duty Pruner and
Silky Zubat 12 in. Hand
Joseph Bentley 8 in. Stainless
Jameson Double Pulley Pruner Tree
Corona Classic Cut Forged Bypass
Jameson PH-11 Tree Pruner Package-FG-11K

We've got product detail Jameson PH-11 Tree Pruner Package-FG-11K Review Landscape package contains tools to handle a variety of pruning jobs. Using pole adapters, the pruner and pole saw snap into the hollow core fiberglass poles for a secure connection. Adapters allow user to replace pruner head or pole saw quickly and easily without tools, using the same pole.The PH-11 pruner allows for saw blade attachment for pruner and pole saw jobs. . Assembled Dimension: 7.25 in. W x 6.5 in. D x 74 in. H Pruner includes rope and pole adapter to snap into Jameson pole 16 in. Teflon coated saw blade attaches to pruner Three 6 ft. Extension Poles (Two 6 ft. FG Hollow Extension Poles and One 6 ft. FG Base Pole) have male and female ferrules for attaching pruner or additional poles PH-11 pruner has 1 in. center cut
Silky Pocketboy 5 in. Fine
Silky New F-180 7 in.
Silky Gomboy 9.5 in. Folding
Joseph Bentley 19 in. Stainless
Silky Zubat 9.5 in. Hand
Joseph Bentley 7 in. Stainless
Joseph Bentley 6 in. French
Joseph Bentley 7 in. Carbon
Silky Hayate 25 in. Aluminum
Silky LongBoy 14 in. Aluminum
6 in. Carbon Steel Shear
Joseph Bentley 7 in. Stainless
Worth Garden 8 in. Garden
Brussel's Bonsai 7 in. Wire
Silky Tsurugi 11 in. Curved
Silky Gomboy 12 in. Folding
Silky Hibiki 8 in. Woodworking
Miracle-Gro Enviro-Line Titanium Non-Stick Bypass
Corona Dual Cut Bypass Pruner-BP
Scotts AirShoc Titanium Non-Stick Dual
Scotts AirShoc Titanium Non-Stick Hedge
Miracle-Gro Enviro-Line Titanium Lopper-18923
Silky Tsurugi 8 in. Medium
Silky Tsurugi 8 in. Curved
Silky Tsurugi 12 in. Medium
Silky Tsurugi 11 in. Curved
Worth Garden 10 in. Blade
Stanley 28 in. Hedge Shears-BDS6105
Corona Short Straight Stainless Steel
Felco 5-3/4 in. Rotating Handle
Corona Forged Aluminum Bypass Pruner
Silky LongBoy 14 in. Aluminum
Worth Garden 8 in. Garden
Silky Hayate 16.5 in. Aluminum
Miracle-Gro Enviro-Line Titanium Non-Stick Anvil
Joseph Bentley Gold Cut 3.35
Melnor Bypass Pruner-83260
Corona Dual Cut Bypass Lopper-SL
Silky Tsurugi 13in. Curved Large
Silky Pocketboy 7 in. Large
Worth Garden 8 in. Garden
Worth Garden 26 in. Garden
Jameson 8 in. Folding Tri-Cut
Joseph Bentley 6 in. Wooden
Felco Left Handed 5-1/4 in.
Scotts AirShoc Titanium Non-Stick Grass
Joseph Bentley Gold Cut 2.11
Worth Garden 10 in. Telescopic
Felco 5 in. Anvil Pruner-F12
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