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Swimline Hydro Tools 8610 Premium Pool Maintenance Kit
This set comes with everything you need except the pool vacuum hose and an extension pole. You usually have to buy these items separately for all pool vacs, etc. Instructions for maintaining your pool abound on the internet as well as instructions to operate each piece if you are not sure how to. The whole thing is actually very simple once you put the items together and use them so I can understand the cost cutting measure of not including printed materials. I am a brand new pool owner myself and had no problems finding out how to operate everything. Seriously, if you can find amazon, order, and leave a review then surely you can take a moment to google how to maintain your pool or how to use the vacuum. That moment you take certainly saves a whole lot of trees being cut down and stuffed into swimline boxes. Also a lot of people take their initial water samples to a pool store for free analysis and most are very willing to help you out with what you don't know. All in all I am very pleased with the products included and the price.

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